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Sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing your Bitcoin trading profits

Sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing your Bitcoin trading profits

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$1.2 Billion transferred at 3pm BST yesterday triggered bitcoin's 11% fall in price. Total of $5.3 Billion transacted in past 24hrs, +164%

$1.2 Billion transferred at 3pm BST yesterday triggered bitcoin's 11% fall in price. Total of $5.3 Billion transacted in past 24hrs, +164% submitted by bytetree to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

It's BUSINESS AS USUAL on the Bitcoin Network... 2.7K Transactions with a Median TX value of $3.8k in the last block

It's BUSINESS AS USUAL on the Bitcoin Network... 2.7K Transactions with a Median TX value of $3.8k in the last block submitted by bytetree to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

It's BUSINESS AS USUAL on the Bitcoin Network... 2.7K Transactions with a Median TX value of $3.8k in the last block

It's BUSINESS AS USUAL on the Bitcoin Network... 2.7K Transactions with a Median TX value of $3.8k in the last block submitted by vegasbooty to Cryptoandme [link] [comments]

Over the past 3 months, Litecoin's median transaction value has surpassed Bitcoin's although it is only 2% of its value.

Over the past 3 months, Litecoin's median transaction value has surpassed Bitcoin's although it is only 2% of its value. submitted by ecurrencyhodler to litecoin [link] [comments]

@business: Up to 2/3 of Bitcoin transactions have no economic value

@business: Up to 2/3 of Bitcoin transactions have no economic value submitted by -en- to newsbotMARKET [link] [comments]

Does Lightning Network support 2-of-3 multi-sig transactions? /r/Bitcoin

Does Lightning Network support 2-of-3 multi-sig transactions? /Bitcoin submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Prophetic /r/bitcoin post from 9 months ago: "Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it"

submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it. /r/Bitcoin

Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

I didn't use a multisig wallet for a 2 of 3 multisig transaction. How badly did I mess up? /r/Bitcoin

I didn't use a multisig wallet for a 2 of 3 multisig transaction. How badly did I mess up? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How can our platform use Bitcoin Cash?

We are a startup that recently raised $2M Series A and developed an app that delivers unique travel experiences to the fast growing Asian millennial market. We are well-versed in Ethereum and ERC-20 but didn't look at using Bitcoin because of the transaction costs.
How could a high volume + high (per trip) price transaction service like ours utilize Bitcoin Cash? Is there a such thing as incorporating this protocol into our ICO?
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Half Of All Bitcoins Are Spread Across 1,800 Wallets

Half Of All Bitcoins Are Spread Across 1,800 Wallets

The Bitcoin Whales Are Slowly Increasing Their Dominance, As Opposed To Retail Holders And Investors
The conducted research by PARISQ (a blockchain monitoring and compliance organization), stated that half of the entire BTCs in circulation is being held by only 1,800 wallets. The concentration of Bitcoins is 50 times higher than the concentration of global wealth, shows the report. Ethereum is even more concentrated – the ratio between Ethereum and global wealth concentration is 300:1.
In order for an individual to get among the 1,800 wallet holders, a minimum amount of 347 Bitcoins, which is around $3.5 million will be required. The top-50% resembles mere 0.023% of the registered Bitcoin wallets. The top-50% in global wealth is controlled by 1% of the world’s population. The numbers suggest that the 1800 wallets possess half of the total 17 897 925 circulating BTC – or 8 948 962,5 BTC, which costs almost $93 billion as of press time.
The BTC possessions raise an alarm signal for investors, as Bitcoin price may be a subject of considerable volatility if a crypto whale decides to sell their Bitcoin. Many of the transactions happen off the radar and in cooperation with exchanges, primarily to keep Bitcoin’s price reasonably stable. Day traders and crypto whales can work together to manipulate Bitcoin’s price and benefit from price movements.
The decentralization of crypto assets is a critical element of their popularity, but such concentrations may lead to a centralized currency. Andre Kalinowski, the co-founder of PARISQ, stated that cryptocurrencies are created to bypass government manipulation.
“Our research shows that cryptocurrencies are far from being decentralized – large quantities of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are in control of a small number of exchange-owned wallets and early crypto adopters,” Kalinowski added.
However, the whale trend has been around for a while. PARISQ’s research shows that since the introduction of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies have always been in the hands of a small number of whales. Despite the media boom during and after the crypto fever in December 2017, retail investors cannot battle large-scale crypto holders.
Kalinowski stated that “The sheer nature of cryptocurrencies relies on transparency and decentralization, but it is clouded by the size and social impact of those cryptocurrencies. We have to open up the blockchain technology to everyone in order to grant fair wealth dispersion and high whale accountability. These steps can only be achieved with enhanced monitoring practices”.
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How to interpret ?

I'm not familiar with Ethereum that much. I would like to ask about , which currently lists more than 60,000 pending transactions. Is this number correct? And does it mean what one would expect or is it different from bitcoin's list of unconfirmed transactions?
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Instructions for selling to fiat?

So I am a newbie to cryptocurrencies (but not to tech) and want to try selling a small amount of ETN and to get fiat ultimately for that. Definitely not "getting out" - more like "trying to work the machinery". So far I have just bought some on ICO, and then CPU-mined a grand total of 2 ETN (which was "work the machinery" too, not worth the electricity).
We are talking small amounts here, perhaps 30-40 USD, by current published price it's up to 200 ETN.
So what is the best route to sell ETN and ultimately get fiat? OK, I get the amount into Cryptopia to sell there, there are a few videos about that here. But what next?
I probably need to avoid Bitcoin because of high transaction fees. So I sell ETN for ETH? or for LTC? And how do I get those into fiat then - Coinbase to Paypal, or is there a better way?
And I know. hodl. In fact, that's the plan. I just want to run this transaction to ensure I know how to sell, so that later, if I feel it's the right time to sell, I know the drill.
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ICO Wallet fund release. Can the network handle it? Can Cryptopia?

Just a thought. Once the wallet fund are released, those 4 billion coins aren't just going to magically appear on the only exchange that currently serves ETN. Those 4 billion coins will have to be transferred to Cryptopia and if we all do it at once, are we looking at a massive slowdown in the network? Will Cryptopia be able to handle all the transactions coming in? Are we looking at Bitcoin levels of unconfirmed transactions (200K+)/ Cryptokitties backlog (eth)?
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Should be added to Steam

Honestly, ever since Steam cancelled their use of Bitcoin because of high transaction fees and slow transaction times, DGB needs to step up their advertisement and start reaching out for opportunities like this.
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Beware of Ignition Casino UPDATE

So three days ago I made a post about ignition casino holding up my withdrawal for X amount for 5 days. Here is the link:
It has been 8 days later and the Bitcoin has yet to be sent to me nor have I received a response from the "withdrawals department" at ignition even though I sent them a screenshot of the bitcoin transactions of the wallet address I provided them 3 days ago. So this morning I reach out to them on live chat to see what is going on. Sorry I dont have the full convo as I was talking to him on my cell phone in bed but here is a screenshot of what I think is some important info:
Here the Ignition employee is agreeing that they can see I haven't received the funds yet, however for the next 30 mins of the live chat he proceeds to tell me there is nothing that can be done, the money is sent and that is that.
So I proceed to call in and talk to Ronique for an hour and fifteen minutes. The whole time she is telling me some of the same things I have already heard like bitcoin congestion, the money was confirmed sent with an Ignition ref number, nothing can be done that I need to send more info, blah blah... She also tried to explain to me how I shouldnt of sent the bitcoin straight to another site like that and how this is explained on their site in three easy steps. Here is the site with the three easy steps:
You will notice the three easy steps to bitcoin success have a button you can push on the button to make a bitcoin deposit lul and do not make any reference to make a withdraw. I try to explain to her that the bitcoin ledger is not showing this transaction that they continue to say was sent and I try to explain to her that this transaction should show up and confirm what they are telling me but it is not. So after the hour and 15 min she finally tells me to hold on and that she will connect me to a "Bitcoin Expert" (Finally some progress at least, I can talk to someone with some bitcoin knowledge).
I am now on the phone with Keman "Bitcoin Expert" and within the first 2 mins of the conversation he does acknowledge the fact that this bitcoin transaction is not showing up on the bitcoin ledger hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He then proceeds to tell me he needs to hear back from his withdrawal team and try to get to the bottom of this. I am finally starting to feel like I am not crazy, wow this has been a nightmare. However, it is going to take 24-48hrs to hear another response and now I am back to square one.
Maybe someone can help me understand this but I was under the impression that every single bitcoin transaction should show up on the bitcoin ledger and its pretty much set in stone. Am I correct in thinking this or have I lost my mind?
Update as of 8 pm: I have received the following email “We're contacting you from Ignition Casino Customer Service regarding your withdrawal with Reference Number xxxxxxxxxx.
The withdrawal was successful on our end. Please consult with who you got this address from in order to look into the payment further.
Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards,
Customer Service Ignition Casino [email protected]
I then proceeded to talk to Tom the ignition supervisor on the phone for the last 40 mins. He proceeded to tell me that the withdrawal team was not telling me to kick rocks and talk to the people who I generated the bitcoin address from in the email but that they were asking for more information for the inquiry in my case. The bit of info they wanted was to know where I got the bitcoin address which they have know for at least 6 days now. I then asked him what the policy was in regards to supervisors stepping in and either crediting an account or just resolving the issue. He informs me he can’t not do anything until the investigation is done. Well from the email it sure sounds like the investigation team was done with my case and if it weren’t for me calling in and asking for more info with a supervisor they would have never asked me where I got my address (such a vital part of the investigation or so it seemed to Tom). So I expressed my concerns and in turn he could do or say nothing expect for “yes sir I agree with you”. Btw he is the third person to acknowledge no evidence on the bitcoin ledger of a transaction. I bet you can’t guess what I am waiting for now??? 24-48 hr response from the withdrawals team LUL!!!!
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This is Why PayPal Won't Let It's 346 Million Users Send and Receive Bitcoin

This is Why PayPal Won't Let It's 346 Million Users Send and Receive Bitcoin
Many of us rejoiced at the news that PayPal will soon let its 346 million users buy and sell Bitcoin.
But the joy was short-lived after it became apparent they were not going to let people withdraw and send Bitcoins purchased on PayPal to other people.
I mean, what the heck is that?

But think again?
What would happen to the Bitcoin network if PayPal suddenly exposed millions of users all at the same nice.
Your guess is as good as mine, Bitcoin transactions would probably take days to settle and that isn't good for all of us.
If you're tried transacting with Bitcoin in the past few days, you'll understand its already taking long for transactions to settle. And mind you, we're still at $13k price. What will happen when we see $20k, $50k or $100k?
The Point?
Bitcoin isn't ready for the PayPal effect and PayPal knows this. In fact, they're being friends of Bitcoin by not enabling send and receive at this point.
Therefore, instead of whining about PayPal, we should be happy about the good PR their adoption gave to Bitcoin and the millions that will probably be buying Bitcoin for the first time via their platform.

Do not let perfect be an enemy of good

The focus should now be on getting bitcoin ready for mass adoption
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Bitcoin is sooooo slow

Exchanging bitcoin for xrp through shapeshift.
Been waiting over half an hour just for the bitcoin part of the transaction to go through.
Bitcoin is slow. Painfuly slow. Is this not a huge weakness to them???
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'PayPal in Talks to Buy Crypto Firms Including BitGo', Paypal Seem to be going deeper on Crypto than first thought.
PayPal Holdings Inc. is exploring acquisitions of cryptocurrency companies including Bitcoin custodian BitGo Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would expand its embrace of digital coins.
PayPal has been holding talks with BitGo, a company that helps investors store Bitcoin securely, and could reach a deal within weeks, the people said, asking not to be identified because the matter is private. Talks could still fall apart and PayPal could opt to buy other targets, the people added.
It couldn’t be learned how much PayPal would pay for BitGo if it goes ahead with the deal. BitGo raised $58.5 million in 2018 at a $170 million valuation, according to PitchBook.
Representatives for BitGo and PayPal declined to comment.
Palo Alto, California-based BitGo was founded in 2013 by Chief Executive Officer Mike Belshe. It offers digital wallets that require multiple signatures for transactions, as well as offline vaults for storing Bitcoin and rival currencies. It was one of the first companies in the space to focus on institutional investors, according to its website.
The company applied in August to New York regulators to become an independent, regulated qualified custodian under New York State Banking Law, a press release showed. Custodians like BitCoin are responsible for safekeeping digital assets using secure storage.
PayPal announced on Wednesday that its customers can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin from digital wallets, as well as use the virtual money to shop at the 26 million merchants on its network. The announcement led Bitcoin to surge past $13,000 for the first time since July 2019.
PayPal said it would partner with BitGo competitor Paxos Trust Company, a regulated provider of cryptocurrency products and services for its new service.
BitGo is backed by investors including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Craft Ventures, Digital Currency Group, DRW, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Valor Equity Partners and Founders Fund.
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Agora-n Shower Thought... anonymity shipping service in a blockchain!

So my one shower thought for an Agrorist enterprise that would try to give some level on anonymity to the shipping/online selling black and gray marketplace. Some way that could allow for people to not fear from being taxed, and/or declared a non-sanctioned good or operating a seller-buyer relationship at a longer distance than a flea market or just a medium of trust to trade.
Image a 'legal 'white' market' brick and mortar e-PO Box Storefront plus Mailing "Vending Boxes" which would offer lockable cabinets and lockers which could be used openly to the public. The locking lockers would be locked and be networked to a Blockchain dedicated to the e-PO Box Network [EPOB]. The storefront or mailbox would be locatable via GPS and could be claimed by anyone to use for a limited timeslot.
The ePO-Box or EPOB decentralized trading platform.
EPOB Blockchain
+An Account (like a bitcoin Address) could be set up. +You can claim time slots, Payable via bitcoin record of a transaction to another address/wallet +You can deliver (or have delivered for you possibly by a lyft or uber driver) the package box or good to the locker you rented/claimed for its certain time limit (lets say for 92 hours) can be dropped off +Your transaction on the EPOB Blockchain will have an encrypted passcode it could send which can be opened by the senders password where he receives a number code. and can be done twice encrypted if desired to allow the transfer to move from the sender and their delivery person. +The code un-encrypted and un-locked sent to you will be a pin which you can type into the designated locker. +Package is placed into the locker by sellesendeor their delivery-person. and locked, which will send a message that it is locked to the receiver along with a new pin to unlock the locker. +Reciver of the goods goes to designated locker and types into the numeral pad the code which asks the EPOB Blockchain for access,and when confirmed it will send an unlock signal to the box with that code which is left unchanged until the next time-slot is opened and paid for by a new sender.
EPOB locker claimed by sender > locker locked with goods > receiver goes to EPOB and unlocks goods
I would imagine a need to have an escrow service embedded in this of course.
Also, this concept if implemented by a market of actors who would work for service fees via the EPUB blockchain could open up the EPUB stores, vending machines/dropbox lockers (like UPS/FEDEX shipping boxes) could work alongside curriours who could also work on fees if applicable and items could be shipped from one locker to another and a decentralized shipping service for goods could be accommodated if brought together efficiently enough.
Let me know your thoughts, or if you even like that I titled it an Agoran Shower Thought... And let me know I should be posting elsewhere too.
Think to the Agora of tomorrow...
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After seven years in Bitcoin, I have never been more confident that this network is now absolutely unstoppable. Nothing short of an extinction level event can stop Bitcoin from slowly but surely growing as a global, agnostic, alternative network for storing and transferring value.

Back in 2013 when the entire market cap hit $1 Billion for the first time, it was really scary to put a considerable amount of money in BTC. You might like Bitcoin and find it interesting but doubt would still creep up in your mind about its staying power and the fact that one bug could bring it all down. Mt. Gox got hacked, 800,000 BTC stolen, it crashed from $1200 to $190 by 2015, so how do you even believe that 5 years later it would be a sustained $200+ billion market? Yet here we are.
As long as the Bitcoin blockchain is churning out new blocks of unstoppable transactions, that's all that matters. Naysayers don't understand that this is all Bitcoin needs to do: Churn out new blocks every ten minutes. And with every new block, a monumental amount of energy and work is stacked on top of the previous block, and so on, and so forth, making it stronger. At 99.98% uptime for 11 years, it's sticky enough to now last much longer than that. This network will be transferring and storing trillions of dollars within this decade and beyond.
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Step-by-step guide how to buy some Reddcoins (RDD)!

Heyy! Since many people are still asking how to buy Reddcoin (RDD) I decided to make descriptive step-by-step guide on how to buy RDD :) Whole process shouldn't take long, especially if you are verified on some of the exchanges or marketplaces. So, here we go:
  1. Download a Reddcoin Wallet : Since it takes a while to synchronize, I suggest you downloading Reddcoin blockchain using this video
  2. Open an account in Coinbase/Luno. I would suggest you using Luno, because of the lower fees + faster verification. However, If you have a possibility to buy ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin) using other method - use it :). I don't recommend using Bitcoin because of the transaction fees and slow transfer speed sometimes.
  3. Buy ETH or LTC using your fiat money. If you have used Coinbase or Luno find where your wallet address and get to know how to send your ETH or LTC.
  4. Open Choose to deposit ETH,LTC and receive RDD. I suggest using precise method as it takes the same ammount of time as quick one :). Now you will have to enter your RDD wallet address and your ETH,LTC refund address. To find out your RDD wallet address open your Reddcoin Core wallet and press receive, from there you should see your wallet address easily. To find your ETH or LTC address just navigate to your wallet using Coinbase or Luno depending on which one you chose.
  5. Now, in the next window of Shapeshift you will see the address to which you'll have to transfer your Ethereum or Litecoin. Enter the amount you have entered earlier and the address using your Coinbase or Luno send option. Press send.
  6. It should not take long to see your Reddcoin Core Wallet balance updated, and there you go, you have just bought some RDD ! :)
Hope you bought a lot because I firmly believe it will skyrocket in 2018 :) Tips are appreciated : RYjKUCgppRt8r2GEUdCZbyeRi6bXbuWmK4
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Wie funktioniert eine Bitcoin Transaktion? Coinbase Transaktionen Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes - YouTube Bitcoin Transaction Hijacker V 2.0.1 update 2020 Full ... Bitcoin Transaction Explained in 5 Minutes - YouTube

Check Bitcoin (BTC) transaction, value: 3.96869609, date: 2020-09-07 Figure 2. Diagram depicts a Bitcoin Transaction 0 (counting starts from 0 in computer science), who’s UTXO 1 (from its set of UTXO’s) is being referenced and consumed as an input (INPUT 3) in ... The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine. 2 Beispiel einer Bitcoin-Transaktion mit Eingabe und Ausgabe. 2.1 Daten; 2.2 Deutung. 2.2.1 Eingabe; 2.2.2 Ausgabe; 2.2.3 Transaktionsverifizierung; 3 Allgemeines Format jeder Transaktionseingabe - Txin; 4 Allgemeines Format jeder Transaktionsausgabe - Txout; 5 Transaktionsbestätigung; 6 Transaktionsgebühr; 7 Siehe auch; Das allgemeine Format von Bitcoin-Transaktionen . Feld Beschreibung ... Die Inputs können nicht aufgeteilt werden. Wenn z. B. eine nicht ausgegebene Ausgabe (Unspend Transaction Output -> UTXO) 0,7 Bitcoin umfasst und man 0,5 Bitcoin an jemanden senden möchte, dann erstellt man eine Transaktion, die diesen UTXO als Input und 2 Outputs hat. Ein Output von 0,5 BTC geht an den Empfänger und ein Output von 0,2 BTC geht an eine Bitcoinadresse, die man selbst besitzt ...

[index] [39170] [41754] [9168] [32022] [4748] [47662] [38880] [4764] [6670] [46100]

Wie funktioniert eine Bitcoin Transaktion?

What to Do if Your Bitcoin Transaction Gets "Stuck"...Unconfirmed. Accelerate your transaction using the methods in this video. *****... In this video you will learn how to sign your Bitcoin 2-of-3 Multisig transaction created on video #10 ( using PSBT with COLDCARD and ... Wie funktioniert eine Bitcoin Transaktion? Erfahre mehr über uns und die Welt der Digitalen Währung unter: Wir nehmen dich an die Hand und ... Ich habe nun damit angefangen, mich mit Bitcoin auseinander zu setzen und möchte meine Erfahrungen mit Dir teilen! Im heutigen Video sprechen wir über das Thema der anonymisierten Transaktion ... In this quick video, we do our best to explain the mechanics of a single Bitcoin transaction in 5 minutes or less. We explain things like addresses, wallet a...