Josh Garza Held Liable for $9 Million USD for Wire Fraud

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Best Leaked GAW Email Hints At Future Crytpo Scam After PayCon. SEC Are You "Paying" Attention?!

Josh Garza [email protected] Feb 24 to Jonah, Matthew, Dan
Since we are winding things down, I assume we no longer need Carson?
Just making sure before I put him on something else.
----end of email-----
Carsen Klock, developer at gaw miners, is the creator of bsty coin
nightmare coin
and more, I just don't have time to compile a complete list.
Also there's an email somewhere in which Garza says he wants to completely ditch Paycoin within four weeks from now. Lolz. Also the ones about tax evasion using Dubai nonprofits. But seriously, FBI, can you dudes jail this guy already because he's just going to keep scamming.
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Mineral - the next scam by Homero Josh Garza / GAW

Mineral is a cryptocurrency exchange and the next big scam by Homero Josh Garza, designed to steal peoples bitcoins and dollars. Let's collect ideas how to warn everyone about it, especially people who are new to crypto. Let's communicate in the most effective way the fraudulent history of GAW/Paycoin/Coinstand and put Mineral into the right context.
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GAW Miners and Paycoin Head Josh Garza Makes Deal, Pleads Guilty to Fraud

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GAW Miners CEO Homero Joshua Garza has reportedly pleaded guilty to wire fraud in a deal to wrap up a criminal case brought by the SEC. Sentencing will take place at a hearing on 1st June after further interviews with victims.
Others who worked with Garza, including former GAW Miners CTO Joe Mordica and ZenMiner head Eric Capuano, were not charged.
The charges stem from Garza's involvement with GAW Miners - which includes failed cryptocurrency Paycoin, cloud mining site ZenCloud, exchange PayBase, and CoinSwap.
Garza and GAW Miners are also the defendants in a civil suit dealing with the same incidents.
The SEC said HashStakers and Paycoin were attempts by GAW and Garza to prolong the ponzi scheme and prevent GAW Miners' collapse.
Did you lose any money in GAW Miners or Paycoin? What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.
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02-05 18:57 - 'Coindesk has also written articles about Josh Garza's Ponzi scheme, with no fact-checking: / [link] / This transaction never occurred. And debating "both sides" of said Ponzi scheme: / [link] / ______________ / In case people...' by /u/ugtarmas removed from /r/Bitcoin within 20-25min

Coindesk has also written articles about Josh Garza's Ponzi scheme, with no fact-checking:
This transaction never occurred. And debating "both sides" of said Ponzi scheme:
In case people forgot: [link]3
The SEC alleges that Homero Joshua Garza perpetrated the fraud through his Connecticut-based companies GAW Miners and ZenMiner by purporting to offer shares of a digital Bitcoin mining operation. In reality, GAW Miners and ZenMiner did not own enough computing power for the mining it promised to conduct, so most investors paid for a share of computing power that never existed. Returns paid to some investors came from proceeds generated from sales to other investors.
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Cryptocurrently Cryptocurrency News August 15 2017 Top 10 Bitcoin Villains - #3 The Bitcoin Group #138 - Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin - Bitfinex Troubles - Billionaire Invests D2P4 - TNABC - MINING PANEL D2P4 - TNABC - MINING PANEL

Homero Josh Garza, who founded two cryptocurrency startups, GAW Miners and ZenMiner, has been ordered to pay a final civil judgment of $9.1 million, plus $700,000 in interest.. The judgement ... Another attempted Bitcoin scheme was interrupted, and the responsible party, Homero Joshua Garza is now being sued for fraud. The founder of ZenMiner and GAW Miner, Homero Joshua Garza, was caught mining for bitcoin and sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A civil complaint accused Garza and his brother (Carlos Garza) of mining bitcoin and committing a fraud worth over $10 ... Homero ‘Josh’ Garza was already running two successful companies, Optima Computers and Great Auk Wireless by age 21. A keen interest in cryptocurrency mining led him to start GAWMiners in March 2014. GAWMiners started out selling Gridseed scrypt ASIC miners. The company then partnered with ZeusMiner to sell scrypt miners, often rebranded with their own trade names like ‘Falcon’ and ... Homero Josh Garza has been held liable for $9,182,000 USD by a U.S. federal judge. Garza pleaded guilty to one charge of wire fraud for activities relating to Gaw, Gaw Miners, Zenminer, Zencoin ... [ad_1] News U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Connecticut has announced Homero Joshua Garza (Josh Garza) has been sentenced to “21 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, the first six months of which [Mr. Garza] must spend in home confinement, for his role in his companies’ purported generation and sale of virtual …

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Cryptocurrently Cryptocurrency News August 15 2017

Jay Addison Technical and Media advisor interviews Josh Garza at Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas. Josh is a serial-entrepreneur with a focus on technology startups... TNABC 2015 - MINING PANEL Valery Vavilov, Josh Garza, Yoshi Gato, Luke Dash, Guy Corem, Anthony Brough Moderator: Matt Roszak Presents in Association with TNABC This Video is for ... Mining Panel with Jihan Wu, Guy Corem, Marco Streng, Juan Garavaglia and Francois Poupard. Moderated by David A. Johnston. Participants talk about the current situation of mining and their. TNABC ... Donate: 18EQEiQBK1X2DyDL5Y18j78iw4NuNHoLej Save 20% off Amazon with Bitcoin at THIS WEEK: ----- Bitcoin’s Creator Sa... Today we tackle the EsperCoin rebrand, Josh Garza, Goldman Sachs, and the markets