9 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin & Crypto in Europe (2020)

Most Common Beer Money Sites: DO NOT Create Threads Promoting These

SwagBucks [International*]

This is one of the oldest, most well known GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. They have plenty to offer, so you shouldn't get too bored. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and you can earn up to 300 points ($3) for meeting your goal each day. They have one of the largest selections of rewards available, so you should easily find something you like. — Payment Proof. / Is it available in my country?
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Get a 300SB ($3) bonus if you sign up through this link and earn 300SB in your first 30 days. Points are awarded the next day after reaching 300SB.
↪ Use signup code REDDIT for a free 70SB bonus for new users. Click “I have a sign up code (optional)” which is underneath the “Confirm Password” Box.
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Mobile and Desktop Videos, Surveys, Polls, Offer Walls, Tasks, Special offers, Coupons, Games, Search bar, Limited Time Codes, Download offers, Cash Back from Shopping, Swago (like Bingo) and more.
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $3] Amazon, PayPal, Prepaid VISA, Wal-Mart, PSN, Xbox, Sweepstakes, Charity and many more.
‌• Earn up to 300 SB ($3) for meeting your goals for 7, 14, 21 and 30 days in a row.
• Once a month you can redeem a $25 gift card for 12% off.
• Make up to 10 Swagbucks easily each day by playing games in the Play category.
• Click And Earn List to Earn 38 Points Daily Here
• Check out /swagbucks and the discord after signing up for up to date info about the best paying offers.

GAIN [US, GB, IE, SE, DE, CA, NL, NO, AU, BE, ES, FR, DK, IT, RU, SG and MY]

Gain is a high paying GPT site that allows you to complete offers, watch videos, complete surveys and more to earn coins. Gain operates in many countries. New users can start out with 100 coins by using this link. — Payment Proof.
↪ Withdrawal options include BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, CSGOSHOP, Coinbase. Gift cards (through Tango/Rewardlink) also available in certain countries only.
Free daily bonus coins from 10-100 depending on your user level, claim them every 24h on the Gain offerwall
↪ Age minimum: 13+
↪ No screwy point to dollar conversion ratios. 1,000 coins = $1.
↪ Active, friendly and easily accessible support
↪ Earn extra coins for being one of the top 3 earners each day and each month
↪ Bet your Daily Bonus or your earnings (play responsibly) on roulette by clicking Win
• Referral Incentive: New users get 100 coins ($0.10). Referring users get 5% of the referred users earnings.
• Click on the PayPal Guide link after signing up to learn how to easily convert your earnings from Crypto>PayPal with CoinBase.
5% Earning Bonus: Sign up to the site with your Steam account and add gain.gg to the end of your steam username to earn a 5% bonus on your earnings.
Offers over 4000 coins are automatically held, message Support Chat (click Support on the top right of the chat box) to have the coins released for you.

GG2U.org [International*]

GG2U is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. The website is a bit outdated looking, and it can feel clunky at times, but don't let that fool you. It has some of the highest paying rates, and has a few unique offer walls and plenty of survey routers that you rarely see on other sites. The customer support is great as well. The owner responds pretty quickly and is always willing to help out. This site is focused on gamers and has some gaming tasks, but there are plenty of things to do for non-gamers as well. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Tasks, Videos, Gaming Tasks, and Promotional Link Shortener.
↪ Get paid for listening to the radio (US, CA, UK)
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $7] PayPal, BTC to Coinbase, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Google Play, iTunes, Nintendo eShop, Playstation GC, Steam, Target, Walmart, Xbox GC
↪ Referral Incentive: The referring user earns 5% for life.
• For every 5 cash out requests, you get a Golden Token which will give you $1-7. This results in an average 7.8% higher payments if cashing out at the minimum each time.
• If you contact support, you can request to have your payouts issued at the minimum cashout amount rather than for your full balance. This will let you make the most out of the Golden Tickets.

PrizeRebel [International*]

PrizeRebel is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. They have many offer walls and survey providers available. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and they have bi-monthly contests that reward the top earners. They also have a Level program that allows you to earn a bigger percentage from your referrals, prize discounts, special bonuses, and automatic prize processing. Level up by earning more points. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 16
↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Tasks, Videos, Coupons, and Earning Contests.
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $2] Amazon, PayPal, VISA, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Raffles and many more.
↪ Referral Incentive: 15-30% of what your referrals earn for life.
• Meet your daily goal each day to earn bonus points.

Fetch Rewards Invite Code: V3DVK [US, Puerto Rico]

Fetch is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for scanning receipts and for purchasing specific products or brands. You get points for every receipt from a grocery retailer, supermarket, club wholesaler, home improvement/hardware store, pet store or convenience stores, regardless of what you buy. You can get additional points for purchasing specific products or specific brands. Receipts cannot be more than 2 weeks old. It can also be set it up to passively collect e-receipts. — Payment Proof.
↪ Age minimum: Age of majority in your jurisdiction (Usually this is 18).
↪ Offers: Cash back for scanning receipts and buying specific products or brands.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $3] Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Xbox, Applebee's and many more.
↪ Referral Incentive: Both the referrer and the referred user get $2-5 when they scan their first receipt. The exact amount varies depending on the current promotion. This is close to or above the minimum cash out amount.
• Make sure to check for rebates on any items you regularly stock up on.
• You don’t need to add rebates before purchasing items.

Ibotta [US, Puerto Rico]

Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS that gives cash back for shopping at Ibotta's retail and then scanning your receipts to prove what purchases were made. They currently support around 160 stores. Most offers are for newer brands, but they often have well-known names such as Glade or Kraft. They also regularly have cash back deals for "any item" or "any brand". You can also get cash back for shopping on sites such as Amazon and various services such as meal delivery. — Payment Proof.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: Cash back.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $20] Paypal, Venmo, Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks and many more.
↪ Referral: Referred users get a $20 Welcome Bonus after redeeming their first brand name receipt. Referring users get $5 for each referred user who receives their welcome bonus. They also often run bonuses for referring a certain number of users during the month.
• Always check for the "Any Item" rebate before scanning a receipt.
• Check your account for bonuses. They often have bonuses for redeeming certain groups of rebates or for redeeming a certain number of rebates within a time limit.
• You can link your Facebook account in order to participate in teamwork bonuses with friends.

GamerMine [International*]

GamerMine is a GPT site founded in January of 2017 that values the experience of their users. With over $115,000 USD paid out to their users over 25,000 withdrawals, they've earned the trust of many members of the beermoney community.
↪ YourSurveys Direct Integration - Complete the highest paying surveys on the market, directly sourced from YourSurveys and tailored to your profiling info.
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↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Inventory/Item System - Earn boosters that can be used whenever you want to increase your earnings on an offer.
‌• Leaderboard - Daily/monthly that auto-rewards the highest earners in the period.

Amazon Mechanical Turk [International*]

Mturk is a platform that allows clients to post a large number of jobs. It is a bit more professional than the typical /beermoney site. You work for "requesters" and they can approve or reject your submitted tasks, also known as HITs. You can earn a lot more money on this site than other typical /beermoney sites, but you need to pay attention to which jobs you accept. Not all HITs pay well. They do require some sensitive information from you for tax purposes. Not everyone gets approved to work here, and some people will be approved months or years after being rejected. — Payment Proof.
*This site is international, but most of the tasks are only available for the USA. International users can only redeem Amazon.com balance.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: A large number of tasks including Surveys, Transcription, Translation, Website Testing, Data Entry and much more.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $0.01] Amazon.com Balance and Amazon Payments Balance. Amazon Payments Balance can be transferred to a bank account.
Note: All Amazon Balance is for the USA Amazon.com website regardless of your country.
↪ Referral Incentive: None
• Only do HITs that pay at least 10¢/minute. This gives you a rate of $6/hour. Mturk crowd forum and /hitsworthturkingfor are good places to check for higher paying HITs.
• It is better to return a HIT than to submit to if you are unsure whether the requester will approve it. Returning a HIT will not negatively affect you, but a rejection will.
Scripts are allowed and encouraged. Checked /mturk for more tips and suggestions.

UserTesting [International*]

UserTesting is a usability testing site. You get paid to record your screen and speak aloud while performing a number of specified tasks. These tasks are generally related to testing a website or an app, but some tests may have you complete a survey, play a game, test new software, etc. At the start you may receive $3 sample tests, but after a while you will see $10 unmoderated tests. Moderated tests start at $30 per test, and usually require you to have a webcam. Payment arrives via PayPal exactly 7 days after your test is completed. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: Usability testing
↪ Payout: [Minimum: None] PayPal
↪ Referral Incentive: None.
• Completing the unpaid surveys at the top may qualify you for additional tests.
• Make sure to follow instructions carefully, keep talking, and be professional. Keeping a high quality rating is essential if you want to receive plenty of tests.

GetUpside [USA - Select states*]

GetUpside is an app available on both Android and iOS that gives you cash back on gas, groceries and restaurants. You can get up to $0.25 per gallon of gas (or up to $0.50 per gallon twice per day), 15% on groceries, and 35% at restaurants. Some gas stations offer cash back on convenience store purchases, car washes, inspections, oil changes, etc. GetUpside also gives you a map of all the participating gas stations in your area, and you can get additional points for confirming or fixing the prices.
↪ Age Minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Cashback on gas, groceries and restaurants.
↪ Payout: PayPal ($1 fee if under $15), Check ($1 fee if under $50), Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and many more. [GC Minimum: $10]
↪ Referral Incentive: The referred user gets $0.15-$0.20 off per gallon of gas on their first purchase. The referring user gets $0.01-$0.02 per gallon from direct referrals, and $0.005-$0.01 per gallon for indirect referrals for life. Amount varies per person. As of 05/18/20 (not sure how long it will last) new users who sign up with the link above get a $7-$14(varies per person) bonus if they buy at least $10 worth of gas.
‌• You must make your purchase with a debit or credit card. Cash, prepaid cards, gift cards, and EBT are not eligible forms of payment.
• You only have 4 hours to make your gas or restaurant purchase after claiming the offer. Grocery offers have 24 hours. All receipts must be scanned within 24 hours from when you claim the offer.

Cash Back From Shopping Online

These sites give cash back on your online purchases. Online purchases require you to click their affiliate link prior to shopping. Ebates US has in-store offers as well. In-store purchases require you to link a debit/credit card and to active the offer prior to shopping. Most of these sites are International, but your shopping opportunities may be limited, and you will only get paid in the associated currency. — Ebates Payment Proof.
• Make sure to click on the "Shop Now" or “Get Cashback” button before adding items to your cart. Otherwise, your shopping trip may not count.
• You can only use one shopping portal per shopping trip. Attempting to use more than one may cause problems crediting your account.
• Disable any ad blockers while shopping.
• For US Users: Sometimes you can earn more cash back on Ebates or TopCashBack than the other for a particular store. Check both sites if you want to get the most cash back for each purchase.
For TopCashBack UK Users: New users are automatically enrolled into the Plus membership. Downgrade to the Classic membership to avoid being charged £5/year.
Rakuten (Ebates) US TopCashBack US Rakuten (Ebates) Canada Ebates KR Rebates JP TopCashBack UK TopCashBack IN TopCashBack 中文
Age 18 18? 18 18 18 18 ? ?
Payout Minimum $5.01 $0.01 $5.01 CAD KRW 5,001 ? £0.01 ₹0.01 $0.01
Payout Types Check, PayPal VISA, PayPal, ACH, Gift Cards Check, PayPal Bank, PayPal, Naver Pay ? Master Card, PayPal, BACS, Gift Cards, British Airways Amazon Pay, NEFT, Paytm PayPal, Amazon, UnionPay
New User Bonus $10 $10 $5 CAD KRW 5,000 ? ? ₹100 ?
Referral Incentive $25 $10 $10 CAD KRW 5,000 ? £5.00 ₹200 $10
Some information is missing due to translation difficulties and signup problems. Please let us know if you know any of this missing information.

Sites to Avoid: Definitely DO NOT post these.

Earnsanity — Shady owner, sketchy site. Held giveaway and then refunded the prizes after it was over. History of scamming many others. AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCAMMED.
Paidverts — Shady owner, sketchy site. Keeps doing debt swaps (cash to BAP). Do not post.
Neobux — It isn’t really a scam, but they operate as a pyramid scheme. There’s money to be made online, but it’s definitely not there.
MarketGlory — It does pay out, but the pay is absolutely ridiculous. The only way to make a decent amount of money is to have a lot of referrals, and referral whoring on this subreddit WILL result in a permanent ban.
MindSumo — Not actually a /beermoney site. It’s only spam in this sub.
G2A — Scam/sells stolen keys.
Robinhood — This is spammed on our sub constantly.
Quickthoughts — Many reports of people being banned when trying to withdraw as of 10/2018. Do your due diligence before possibly wasting your time on this app.
Sites with $100+ minimum — These sites usually offer higher than normal payments for simple tasks, with a high minimum to cash out. They are always scams.
Generic news sites that pay you ridiculous amounts to read an article (two euros??) — Common sense should take care of this, but in case it doesn’t, it’s always a scam. The site is usually hosted somewhere in Eastern Europe, and you will never get paid.
Free bitcoin sites/"faucets" (THIS INCLUDES QOINPRO) — This is not referring to those video-viewing/task sites (although they’re still paying fragments of a penny). I’m talking about sites that give you 0.000001BTC to fill a captcha (freebitco.in, dailybitcoins). Admittedly many beermoney sites pay low, but don’t even bother with these.
Also: Bitcoin mining is NO LONGER PROFITABLE. If you're really so keen on getting bitcoins, doing so through an exchange is your best option.
Here are a few more scam sites and sketchy sites.
Please note that presence on this post does not imply that /beermoney or its moderators endorse the site or their views, actions, or policies. This list simply contains sites that are used by a large number of our users or are frequently mentioned on our subreddit.
We frequently monitor data from all the sites on this list from various sources to ensure that users are able and interested in utilizing them and if they do, that they also are getting paid promptly and fairly for all work they do. We make adjustments to this list and the order of sites accordingly based on all the data we receive.
Please make sure you follow the Rules of our subreddit and if you ever have any questions about anything beermoney related, please take a look at our extensive FAQ which should answer almost any question you might have.
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Slack chat with James Lovejoy (VTC Lead Dev)

Thought I would share this chat I had with James Lovejoy last night. Super generous of him to provide this much access and time answering questions. I was already a HODL'er, but this solidified it.
beerfinger [1:28 AM] Just read through the entire rebranding thread in the Vertcoin subreddit. Earlier today I also watched some of Crypto Hedge's interview of James Lovejoy from last August on YouTube. I understand both sides of the rebranding argument and have tried to play devil's advocate. Right now I do believe that the argument against rebranding is stronger. Full disclosure: I've worked in marketing/advertising my whole career and just recently got into cryptos. With that said, there are two questions that keeps nagging on me:
[1:28] 1. this coin has been around since 2014, so nearly 4 years. James seems like an incredibly smart and capable chap, but I'm just going to go ahead and assume the he hasn't always been the Lead Dev while he was in high school. Presumably there was someone before him and, after he graduates and moves on to whatever it is he's going to do with his life, there will be someone after him. Yes? So, with all due respect to James, as an investor in VTC, what assurances are there that this isn't merely an interesting side-project for a brilliant MIT student with little interest/incentive in its value as an investment portfolio? If the value of this coin to James is that of a college project, that is something I as an investor would like to know.
jamesl22 [1:32 AM] Hey!
[1:33] I've been the lead dev since Nov 2014
[1:33] (while I was in high school)
[1:33] And I've kept at it through college, I certainly don't intend to go anywhere
[1:33] Plus, there are more who work on this project that just me
beerfinger [1:33 AM] 2. I've read complaints about Vertcoin from people who poopoo its usefulness. Decrying it as "just another coin trying to be Bitcoin with not much differentiating it." People don't seem to view the ASIC thing as a big enough differentiator to make VTC stand out. There seems to be a kernel of truth to that as part of the argument against rebranding seems to be a tacit acknowledgement that it should not occur until a major change in the development is launched. So my question again stems back to James' motivations and incentives here. Is this a convenient use case for some college thesis? Or is the team really working on coming up with a major change in development?
[1:34] hey James! wow, thanks so much for your quick response
[1:34] great to actually communicate with you. and I stand corrected. very impressive that you started on this so young. I can see why MIT accepted you :slightly_smiling_face:
[1:36] my questions still stand though: I'm not trying to insult you so I hope you don't take it that way, but as someone who considers VTC part of my investment portfolio, I am very curious to hear about your incentives. You clearly have noble intentions. But what is your ultimate goal? What's the end game? Is it the same as Satoshi's was? (assuming he was really one person who existed)
[1:37] Or is there something else?
jamesl22 [1:37 AM] I think it's the same as Satoshi's
[1:37] To recreate the financial system in a fairer, more distributed way
[1:37] My research at MIT is totally separate to my work on VTC, though the two are complimentary (both are in cryptocurrency)
[1:38] In my ideal world everyone runs a VTC miner and full node in their home, banks become narrow banks and clearing houses/stock exchanges are a thing of the past
[1:39] The rewards of the financial system (in the form of transaction fees) will be distributed to the people, rather than siphoned off by banks or ASIC manufacturers as happens now (edited)
goodminer [1:40 AM] :thumbsup:
beerfinger [1:40 AM] I see. That is compelling. So, being that's the case, that sounds to me like something worthy of a brand, no?
[1:41] Unless you think there are other coins on the market with the same goals. In which case, what will differentiate VTC?
jamesl22 [1:42 AM] I don't think there are any on the market with as strong of an ideology as us
[1:42] Or any that can demonstrate that it follows through on its commitments
[1:42] The way I see it, VTC went from being worth $0.01 last year to 100x that now
[1:43] I don't see how a rebrand can possible accelerate already parabolic growth
[1:43] Bear in mind, that until a few months ago we had 0 marketing, that is where our focus should be now
beerfinger [1:44 AM] Fair. I'm curious, what do you think it SHOULD be worth?
[1:44] I mean right now, at this moment.
jamesl22 [1:44 AM] I don't think I should say, the SEC might be watching us
beerfinger [1:44 AM] Not in the future.
[1:44] haha
[1:44] ok
[1:44] Can you say if you feel it is undervalued?
[1:44] or overvalued
jamesl22 [1:45 AM] I will say with confidence that 95% of the top 100 is severely overvalued
beerfinger [1:45 AM] coins you mean
jamesl22 [1:45 AM] Yes
[1:45] On coinmarketcap
[1:45] If you visit most of their websites, there is no code at all
[1:45] Yet it's worth many times what VTC is worth
[1:46] Where VTC has been established for nearly 4 years, bug free and features well demonstrated
[1:46] VTC also had LN and SegWit on main net before LTC or BTC (edited)
beerfinger [1:46 AM] Yes I mean your statement doesn't surprise me. It's a nacent market. Lots of snake oil, clearly.
[1:47] I guess to steer this back towards the branding/marketing of your coin though, you clearly feel strongly about it and have a clear vision. Do you feel that as it stands the branding conveys that sentiment?
jamesl22 [1:47 AM] When you say branding, I assume you mean "vertcoin" and the logo?
beerfinger [1:48 AM] yes. logo, color scheme, etc...
[1:48] name even
[1:49] also to clarify one point, when I say that you clearly feel strongly about it, the "it" refers to your coin (not the marketing of it)
jamesl22 [1:49 AM] I think it's largely arbitrary
beerfinger [1:49 AM] why is that
jamesl22 [1:49 AM] Most coin names have no meaning whatsoever
[1:49] Google, the largest tech company in the world has a silly name
[1:50] Litecoin (whose name ought to imply it has fewer features) is #4
beerfinger [1:51 AM] I wouldn't underestimate the amount of strategy that went into branding Google (and continues to this day)
jamesl22 [1:51 AM] What's most important is the pitch, how can you convince someone who knows nothing about the technicals behind cryptocurrency, that ASIC resistance and decentralisation is important?
[1:51] Yes, but the original branding was arbitrary and haphazard
[1:52] Yet the technology spoke for itself
[1:52] Now it's in the dictionary
[1:53] Spending lots of time and money on a new name/logo, trying to get community consensus on that and then redesigning the website/subreddit/wallets/other services to reflect the changes is not where I think we should focus our small resources
[1:54] My goal over the next year or two is to take VTC from speculative value to real-world value
[1:54] So point of sale, ease of use, that's the focus now
[1:55] I aim to over time provide complete solutions for merchants to implement VTC at point of sale, for laymen to set up nodes and miners in their homes
[1:55] As well as potentially enterprise support if we get big enough
beerfinger [1:55 AM] It sounds like this is your intended career path then, yes?
jamesl22 [1:55 AM] In some shape or form, yes
beerfinger [1:55 AM] Wonderful
[1:55] When do you graduate, James?
[1:55] If you don't mind me asking
slackbot Custom Response [1:55 AM] I AM talking to you aren't I !
jamesl22 [1:56 AM] Charlie Lee worked at Coinbase for several years before returning to LTC a month or two ago
[1:56] 2019
beerfinger [1:56 AM] So you're a Sophomore? Or are you in graduate school?
jamesl22 [1:57 AM] Junior
chuymgzz [1:58 AM] @beerfinger can you imagine when people first heard the word "dollar" like WTF is a dollar where did it actually came from. It actually comes from Czech joachimsthaler, which became shortened in common usage to thaler or taler. Don't pay much attention to the name Vertcoin, just take a look at the tech. If you buy into this coin's ideology, you will actually start to like the name.
jin [1:58 AM] Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:
[1:59] @chuymgzz but not everyone looks purely at the tech, if we look at the top 100 coins, you would know whats going on :stuck_out_tongue:
beerfinger [1:59 AM] Cool well thanks for indulging me, James. I really appreciate it. Hopefully this conversation continues in the future. While your probably right that right now is probably not the right time, that doesn't mean at some point in the future it won't be. In the meantime, I'll take comfort in the knowledge that I've invested in a worthy cause.
chuymgzz [1:59 AM] Longer term only the functional ones and the ones that deliver will survive and a whole ecosystem will be built around it
jin [1:59 AM] buzz and hype is unfortunately a large part of it
beerfinger [2:00 AM] *you're
jin [2:00 AM] that is true, but without marketing to draw in attention (which leads to usage and so on etc) it will be difficult for a functional one to survive even
beerfinger [2:07 AM] @james122 One more thing: how do you feel about regulation? Pro or con? Do you feel that the idea of nation states like the US and China (ergo the ICO ban) taking it upon themselves to place restrictions on the market to try and make them safer is anathema to the idea of decentralization? Are you a full on libertarian in that respect? Or do you welcome regulation because it'll separate the wheat from the chaff?
jamesl22 [2:07 AM] I think we need a sane amount of regulation
[2:08] ICOs are clearly illegal imo
[2:08] Unless they are performed under the same rules as an IPO
[2:09] Plus I don't want to create a safe harbour for child pornographers, people traffickers and terrorists to store their money
[2:09] However I do think the state has no right to spy on you without a warrant (edited)
beerfinger [2:09 AM] You mean you don't want to be Monero? :slightly_smiling_face:
jamesl22 [2:09 AM] No
[2:10] I will pursue privacy features that make the pseudoanonymity provided by the blockchain easier for people to use effectively
[2:11] That way, it is not obvious to anyone your holdings or transactions publicly (edited)
[2:11] But things like sting operations would still be theoretically possible
beerfinger [2:13 AM] Love it. I still feel the branding thing will need to be revisited at some point. I don't know what that means, exactly. Whether its as small as a font change to something bigger like a new color scheme, logo or even name, I'm not sure of. The ideology is strong, but as it stands Vertcoin doesn't have a clear differentiator in the market. I'm not sure that matters so much yet at this time, but it will.
[2:15] You clearly have a strong vision, I'm just not sure it's being communicated effectively yet. Hence, haters who say Vertcoin is just trying to be another Bitcoin.
workstation [2:15 AM] beerfinger might be a huge whale sniffing out Vertcoin before a huge loadup. Not that, that's a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:
beerfinger [2:15 AM] haha... I wish
jamesl22 [2:16 AM] Vertcoin is trying to be another Bitcoin lol
[2:16] It's picking up where Bitcoin left off
[2:16] If people want a decentralised cryptocurrency, they should use Vertcoin
[2:17] Bitcoin just isn't one anymore
[2:17] Neither is Litecoin (edited)
beerfinger [2:20 AM] Semantics really, but if that's the case then that means Vertcoin isn't trying to be another Bitcoin. Bitcoin is already Bitcoin, which is a coin that did not fulfill it's promises. Vertcoin, on the other hand, like you said picks up where Bitcoin left off. I'm not sure that's being communicated by the brand (yet). Doing so may have nothing to do with rebranding (unless rebranding generates a bigger social following who then helps you communicate that).
workstation [2:20 AM] You've continued on a great coin James and no doubt Vertcoin has great features vs other coins, however without widespread use and adoption, Vertcoin might just become another coin without much use. The marketing side is sometimes even more important than the development side. Just need to look at history for that. E.g. Early version of Windows was buggy, bluescreen of death plagued it. But with heaps of $$ and marketing, Windows is pretty rock solid these days.
atetnowski [2:21 AM] joined #marketing.
jamesl22 [2:22 AM] Yes, agreed to both statements
[2:22] We're working on it, but it takes time and money
[2:23] But really, adoption is pointless until point of sale works properly
[2:23] When you can get it into people's physical wallets, or phone and they can spend it in a store, that's when it takes off (edited)
[2:23] Walmart, Target, all the big retailers hate Visa and Mastercard
workstation [2:24 AM] Thats a long way off... Even Apple and Samsung are struggling in that area
jamesl22 [2:24 AM] They would love a solution that opted them out of having to pay their fees
beerfinger [2:25 AM] @workstation To play devil's advocate for one sec, most successful people in the world don't achieve success because they tried to achieve success. Success is merely a byproduct of their passion. I do believe that James' commitment to the ideology can be sufficient. But it is true that the branding should communicate his vision. That is a constant conversation, too.
workstation [2:25 AM] yes, true
jamesl22 [2:26 AM] What we really need is talented content creators to make compelling media that explains the vision in a layman friendly way
[2:26] Thus far the message has been far too technical
[2:26] But in the past, the space was mostly populated by technical people so that is understandable
[2:26] It is only in the last 6 months that the general public has started to get involved
[2:27] Sadly "ASIC resistance" doesn't speak to them
beerfinger [2:27 AM] @james122 While it's true that universal adoption is key, you can say that about ANY coin. Even dogecoin would suddenly become a real coin if everyone up and decided to start using it one day. What's your strategy for making VTC that coin?
jamesl22 [2:27 AM] Whereas I think taking power from banks, chinese miners and giving it back to the people can be far more compelling
workstation [2:27 AM] We take Visa and Mastercard at our stores. We only do it because it boosts sales. People these days are all borrowing on credit because they don't have enough.... Paying on their CC# lets them buy things now (instant gratification) and slowly pay later. They managed to get banks on board because they make so much money on the interest. There is a clear reason why those cards satisfy a demand. We get charged about 1.5% by VISA/MC. To be honest, it's not a real deal breaker.
beerfinger [2:27 AM] haha, well, james you're talking to the right guy :slightly_smiling_face:
[2:28] My career is content creation
[2:28] I have nearly 20 years producing commercials and (lately) social content for global brands
mikevert [2:29 AM] joined #marketing.
beerfinger [2:29 AM] I would be happy to consult and provide any assistance I can
[2:29] "taking power from banks, chinese miners and giving it back to the people can be far more compelling" - that's your modus operandi
[2:29] you can definitely tell that story in a compelling way
[2:30] Question: have any crypto's ever created any sort of ad before? Even just for social content? (sorry, I'm new to this space)
jamesl22 [2:30 AM] Well we'd obviously be grateful for your assistance
[2:31] I'd imagine so, though I don't follow many other coins' social media very much
goodminer [2:31 AM] @beerfinger lets chat :smile: We've been working on a lot of initiatives over the last few weeks
jamesl22 [2:31 AM] @workstation 1.5% to a huge retailer is a large sum of money though
workstation [2:35 AM] I don't see any coin being widely used to be honest. They fluctuate way too much. Say a typical consumer whose after tax salary is $1000/week.. He buys groceries at the store for $1/Liter. This is simple maths for him, he knows it's going to cost $1 each week, inflation may make it rise to $1.10 next year, but he understands that. With coins, the price of his milk is too hard to calculate.
[2:37] Why would Bob switch to using coins, when Visa/MC give him so much more? He doesnt pay the processing fee (1.5%), he gets free credit (these days, banks will easily approve 10k credits). Why would he switch to Vertcoin?
jamesl22 [2:37 AM] @workstation, volatility is high because market volume is low
[2:38] I think it will take another financial crisis or two though before people start to abandon fractional reserve banking (edited)
workstation [2:42 AM] As long as bob gets his paycheck, he's not going to care what happens at the fed
jamesl22 [2:43 AM] Bob ain't gunna get his paycheck one day though
[2:44] Because the credit ponzi scheme economy will have collapsed
workstation [2:48 AM] yes, the fed can print whatever it wants out of thin air... But its backed by US tax payers to the tune of 2+ trillion/year with most banks adhering to loan capital requirements. E.g. they need a certain amount of money deposited before they can loan more money out. What is Bitcoin/alt coins backed by? Seems like its somewhat of a ponzi scheme now, with everyone piling in thinking it will go up forever. I get that BTC is backed by real energy usage/capital requirements to mine it (asic equipment, datacenters, etc), so its more "real" than $1 USD, but they both service a purpose.
axelfoley75 [2:49 AM] joined #marketing.
workstation [2:51 AM] but whats the end goal because it seems they all become ponzi schemes. The only true coin will be one that will not allow any fiats be converted to to coin.
[2:51] the only way to earn a coin, would be to mine it, wouldn't you think that that would be the truest coin?
[2:52] right now people are just moving wads of fiat money into coins/alt coins, thereby skewing everything.
beerfinger [2:54 AM] just jumping in here with one last comment before I go to sleep: money, whether we're talking salt, precious metals, fiat currency, or cryptos, is just something that we all agree to prescribe a value to. That being the case, how are you going to stop someone from trading that value for something they want? If someone wants to trade their cryptos for chickens, a latte, USD or anything else, they're going to do it. No point in trying to regulate what people spend their money on or how they do it. Seems the antithesis of the whole decentralization thing anyway
workstation [2:57 AM] true
aegisker [3:02 AM] I belive when crypto matures, has fast and easy payments solutions, volume will rise and price will be more stable. Current price is speculation due to news and new development. I dont belive that after 10 years we will be seeing such swings.
beerfinger [3:04 AM] sorry keep thinking of new stuff... @jamesl22 your point about POS is salient. What's your perspective on coins like TenX that try to address that with payment platforms and cards?
[3:05] is that what you mean? nuts & bolts, how would Vertcoin become a POS option?
aegisker [3:06 AM] How is usdt keeping its price around usd?
beerfinger [3:07 AM] don't they just keep up with USD inflation by making sure there's an equal amount of tokens to USD in the market at any given point?
jamesl22 [3:07 AM] Integration of LN and AS is key
[3:07] Then providing some hardware or software solution to integrate with payment processors
[3:07] I haven't looked at tenx
beerfinger [3:07 AM] so Vertcoin IS actively pursuing this then
[3:08] interesting
[3:09] perhaps there's some way to leverage things like ApplePay
jamesl22 [3:09 AM] I doubt it
[3:09] ApplePay's design is fundamentally different
beerfinger [3:09 AM] I mean it doesn't have to be ApplePay itself. Can be a separate app
lucky [3:09 AM] Having bitcoin or altcoins tied to your debit card isn't unbelievable
jamesl22 [3:10 AM] Of course not
[3:10] But it is suboptimal
beerfinger [3:10 AM] yeah sort of kills the whole decentralization thing
lucky [3:10 AM] in fact if we are going the whole hog and saying fiat collapsed. You'd be silly to think the banks would standby and let crypto take over without them
beerfinger [3:10 AM] now we're relying on banks again
lucky [3:11 AM] At the first sign of crypto succeeding fiat. Banks will take over
[3:11] Because they can trade their fiat to coin
[3:11] Government too
aegisker [3:12 AM] Well, banks issues debt, whole market is built around debt. Crypto would take that away
[3:12] This will be hardest transition
jamesl22 [3:12 AM] If the crypto market ever gets to say $1tril, the banks will use their lobbyist army to squash it as best they can
lucky [3:13 AM] Is it not possible crypto gets immediately regulated into the banking system as soon as it passed fiat in some way
jamesl22 [3:13 AM] They don't care right now because the space is tiny compared to their own equity
lucky [3:13 AM] Yes exactly James
beerfinger [3:13 AM] i like the idea of leveraging NFC tech as a way to introduce crypto to POS purchases... everyone already has a smart phone so no need to reinvent the wheel... it's basically just an app
lucky [3:13 AM] If finance is going to change politics needs to too
[3:14] Nfc seems like the way. Yeag
[3:14] Lots of the android wallets leverage it
aegisker [3:14 AM] No need for nfc, nfc was kinda overhyped. Qr codes can work equally good
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] @beerfinger I think LN will allow us to achieve that
lucky [3:14 AM] Lol qr
[3:14] Who has ever scanned a qr....
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] We just need a hardware implementation for the reader
beerfinger [3:14 AM] sorry james, what's LN?
lucky [3:14 AM] Apple made sure qr never worked
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] Lightning Network
beerfinger [3:14 AM] ah
aegisker [3:15 AM] If u use your phone, why complicate with nfc, is there a security benefit?
beerfinger [3:15 AM] the infrastructure is there... most readers i come across these days are already NFC compliant
jamesl22 [3:15 AM] QR can work, but requires a high res display in the POS device
[3:15] Which would increase costs
[3:15] NFC is cheap af
lucky [3:16 AM] Yep. Qr is extremely requirement heavy
aegisker [3:16 AM] For example, pub: you get check with qr. U pay with your phone. Waiter sees on his computer that its payed.
lucky [3:16 AM] Look at Asia and south America
[3:16] Nobody can read qr
aegisker [3:17 AM] I europe all checks already have qrs for tax checking
lucky [3:17 AM] I work in global marketing. Qr is completely unadopted in the real world
[3:17] Yes in no public scenario qr is used
aegisker [3:17 AM] Where you from?
lucky [3:17 AM] Uk
[3:19] A decade in marketing I can tell you for sure Joe public doesn't scan qr codes
[3:19] James is right. We need an alternative hardware solution
[3:19] And I think I unique piece of tech in public would drive massive interest
aegisker [3:20 AM] In slovenia, croatia, austria(i tjink) there is law that all transactions in coffeeshops or shops(everything with fiat transaction) is sent to tax authority as soon as check is printed. U get qr code on your check, so you can check if tax s paid for your service. This is to prevent black markets and unauthorized sellers. Works pretty well. If you frequently scan qrs you can get some bonuses..
[3:21] Public got used to this pretty fast.
lucky [3:21 AM] So there's an incentive
aegisker [3:21 AM] So also you could print qr shop wallet addr.
lucky [3:21 AM] Kind of skews the ease of adoption stat we are looking for
aegisker [3:22 AM] Costz nothing
lucky [3:22 AM] Costs a smartphone with a quick camera
[3:22] How about in a dark club
beerfinger [3:23 AM] I came tonight with many questions about Vertcoin. Namely the incentives of the Devs and how it differentiated itself in the marketplace. All of those questions have been answered as best as I could have hoped. The only thing left is figuring out a way to tell that story. @jamesl22, all of the things you've said tonight are reassuring and exciting. They provide great promise for the future of this coin and even more - your goals, if realized, are truly category shifting. This is such a compelling story. TELL IT!
lucky [3:23 AM] Asking every transaction to require an in focus photo capability is insane, imo
aegisker [3:23 AM] uploaded and commented on this image: IMG_20170908_092307.jpg 1 Comment Thats how it looks
lucky [3:23 AM] We need something similar to a contactless debit card
[3:24] Good luck scanning that in the dark with a £100 smartphone. Though.
aegisker [3:24 AM] For starters this is easiest solution for early adoption (edited)
workstation [3:25 AM] why not something short like vCoin. Then u could make it go off V=Vendetta, sort of has a nice mystery, anti establishment
aegisker [3:25 AM] You just need plugin for your pos software that checks your crypto wallet for received funds
[3:26] Imo this is easiest way to implement first public purchases of beer or coffee
beerfinger [3:26 AM] by the way, less is more when it comes to branding
[3:26] look at apple
[3:26] i love this example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUXnJraKM3k YouTube Brant Walsh Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging
[3:31] and there's always something to be said for ad wars... apple's david vs goliath attack ads vs microsoft is what put them back on the map
[3:31] that could be a great angle for Vertcoin... go after Bitcoin
[3:31] make fun of it the way Jobs poked at Gates
[3:32] that's just my 2 Vertcoins
submitted by beerfinger to vertcoin [link] [comments]

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/worldbuilding 32
/TheBluePill 32
/TrueFilm 32
/nintendo 32
/starcitizen 32
/frugalmalefashion 32
/WildStar 32
/needadvice 32
/dwarffortress 32
/democrats 32
/AskCulinary 32
/StonerPhilosophy 32
/mac 32
/ProRevenge 32
/biology 32
/totalwar 32
/3Dprinting 32
/singularity 32
/medicine 32
/stocks 32
/Naruto 32
/vexillology 32
/CannabisExtracts 31
/LiverpoolFC 31
/nhl 31
/SteamGameSwap 31
/NSALeaks 31
/propaganda 31
/DestructionPorn 31
/olympics 31
/Cynicalbrit 31
/RealEstate 31
/calvinandhobbes 31
/IndieGaming 31
/DCcomics 31
/newreddits 31
/MechanicalKeyboards 31
/Tinder 31
/TalesFromYourServer 31
/DnD 31
/finance 31
/applehelp 31
/whitepeoplegifs 31
/RBI 31
/Advice 31
/Patriots 31
/Boxing 31
/ginger 31
/educationalgifs 31
/urbanexploration 31
/Hunting 31
/ar15 31
/trailerparkboys 30
/beermoney 30
/electronics 30
/EDM 30
/buildapcsales 30
/Anticonsumption 30
/starbound 30
/pathofexile 30
/ImaginaryLandscapes 30
/PenmanshipPorn 30
/punk 30
/leaves 30
/WouldYouRather 30
/chrome 30
/tipofmypenis 30
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/r/crypto Drilldown June 2014

/crypto Drilldown

Of 2262 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/programming 333
/Bitcoin 313
/linux 280
/netsec 250
/privacy 188
/sysadmin 178
/Android 118
/math 108
/compsci 108
/AskNetsec 104
/Python 93
/learnprogramming 78
/Games 69
/ReverseEngineering 66
/hacking 66
/conspiracy 64
/dogecoin 63
/ProgrammerHumor 63
/TOR 62
/webdev 59
/gameofthrones 56
/networking 54
/TrueReddit 52
/europe 49
/onions 47
/archlinux 47
/soccer 47
/tech 47
/talesfromtechsupport 45
/changemyview 44
/cryptography 43
/haskell 43
/pcmasterrace 42
/Libertarian 42
/Minecraft 42
/apple 41
/Cyberpunk 41
/unitedkingdom 41
/BitcoinMarkets 39
/electronics 39
/geek 38
/Anarcho_Capitalism 37
/vim 37
/canada 36
/leagueoflegends 35
/cscareerquestions 35
/raspberry_pi 35
/DotA2 35
/Frugal 35
/gamedev 35
/Economics 34
/woahdude 34
/australia 33
/codes 32
/techsupport 32
/CryptoCurrency 31
/linux4noobs 30
/unixporn 30
/coding 30
/linuxquestions 30
/firefox 29
/MapPorn 29
/buildapc 29
/java 29
/YouShouldKnow 29
/Physics 28
/KerbalSpaceProgram 28
/Seattle 28
/opensource 28
/scifi 28
/malefashionadvice 27
/Ubuntu 27
/AskMen 27
/TumblrInAction 26
/homelab 25
/photography 25
/javascript 25
/web_design 25
/skeptic 25
/trees 25
/motorcycles 24
/AskHistorians 24
/SubredditDrama 24
/startups 24
/golang 24
/ruby 24
/litecoin 24
/androiddev 24
/debian 24
/HowToHack 24
/cringepics 23
/ECE 23
/techsupportgore 23
/commandline 22
/cringe 21
/anime 21
/interestingasfuck 21
/Anarchism 21
/sex 21
/business 21
/4chan 21
/offbeat 21
/investing 21
/Steam 21
/worldpolitics 21
/electronic_cigarette 21
/google 20
/linuxadmin 20
/restorethefourth 20
/amateurradio 20
/BuyItForLife 20
/PoliticalDiscussion 20
/hardware 20
/Psychonaut 19
/Malware 19
/MachineLearning 19
/tipofmytongue 19
/Justrolledintotheshop 19
/wikipedia 19
/nba 19
/LinuxActionShow 19
/Eve 19
/engineering 19
/AskElectronics 19
/hearthstone 19
/learnpython 19
/Drugs 19
/nyc 19
/magicTCG 19
/blackhat 18
/PHP 18
/casualiama 18
/ethereum 18
/Entrepreneur 18
/oculus 18
/BitcoinMining 18
/JusticePorn 18
/law 18
/truegaming 18
/hockey 18
/GlobalOffensive 18
/software 17
/cordcutters 17
/self 17
/cpp 17
/emacs 17
/bicycling 17
/rpg 17
/worldcup 17
/relationships 17
/starcraft 17
/asoiaf 17
/guns 17
/iphone 17
/torrents 17
/promos 16
/linux_gaming 16
/aviation 16
/windowsphone 16
/lockpicking 16
/battlestations 16
/Nexus5 16
/EngineeringStudents 16
/cyberlaws 16
/Foodforthought 16
/tf2 16
/arduino 16
/AskComputerScience 15
/britishproblems 15
/MorbidReality 15
/Portland 15
/computerforensics 15
/minimalism 15
/comics 15
/algorithms 15
/MensRights 15
/running 15
/Cooking 15
/headphones 15
/HistoryPorn 15
/bitmessage 15
/formula1 15
/Parenting 15
/mildlyinfuriating 14
/darknetplan 14
/MechanicalKeyboards 14
/SocialEngineering 14
/Military 14
/DoesAnybodyElse 14
/CCW 14
/sweden 14
/whatisthisthing 14
/sanfrancisco 14
/audiophile 14
/Nootropics 14
/AbandonedPorn 14
/toronto 14
/rage 14
/DataHoarder 14
/legaladvice 14
/startrek 14
/pokemon 13
/TheRedPill 13
/Fantasy 13
/futuristparty 13
/AskEngineers 13
/learnmath 13
/security 13
/UkrainianConflict 13
/nfl 13
/Austin 13
/conspiratard 13
/wicked_edge 13
/OkCupid 13
/gaybros 13
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 13
/IWantToLearn 13
/starcitizen 13
/mac 13
/WikiLeaks 13
/spacex 13
/civ 13
/BSD 13
/hiphopheads 13
/boston 12
/energy 12
/csharp 12
/NoFap 12
/C_Programming 12
/patientgamers 12
/dwarffortress 12
/CryptoAnarchy 12
/childfree 12
/socialskills 12
/Namecoin 12
/london 12
/aws 12
/shittyaskscience 12
/undelete 12
/DarkNetMarkets 12
/everymanshouldknow 12
/ImGoingToHellForThis 12
/singularity 12
/india 12
/intj 12
/Firearms 12
/Christianity 12
/firstworldproblems 11
/cars 11
/lifehacks 11
/flying 11
/Shitstatistssay 11
/TheoryOfReddit 11
/progun 11
/GnuPG 11
/Diablo 11
/blender 11
/lostgeneration 11
/Scholar 11
/Coffee 11
/django 11
/boardgames 11
/ipv6 11
/cats 11
/socialism 11
/TrueAtheism 11
/fossworldproblems 11
/evolutionReddit 11
/mylittlepony 11
/offmychest 11
/BasicIncome 11
/LosAngeles 11
/dogemarket 11
/reactiongifs 10
/CrazyIdeas 10
/Cynicalbrit 10
/electronicmusic 10
/WeAreTheMusicMakers 10
/Guitar 10
/france 10
/MilitaryPorn 10
/oddlysatisfying 10
/jailbreak 10
/usenet 10
/pcgaming 10
/polandball 10
/git 10
/androidapps 10
/VPN 10
/WildStar 10
/occupywallstreet 10
/facepalm 10
/melbourne 10
/relationship_advice 10
/chrome 10
/de 10
/TrueAskReddit 10
/snowden 10
/AskWomen 10
/litecoinmining 10
/CryptoMarkets 10
/Intelligence 10
/chicago 10
/collapse 10
/dailyprogrammer 10
/keto 10
/kickstarter 10
/chess 10
/firstworldanarchists 10
/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 10
/Atlanta 9
/theydidthemath 9
/montreal 9
/QuotesPorn 9
/Denmark 9
/printSF 9
/Rad_Decentralization 9
/rust 9
/CFB 9
/lisp 9
/encryption 9
/ireland 9
/CrappyDesign 9
/dayz 9
/depression 9
/lgbt 9
/ems 9
/thinkpad 9
/travel 9
/vinyl 9
/perfectloops 9
/comicbooks 9
/Fedora 9
/Piracy 9
/AskScienceFiction 9
/robotics 9
/Health 9
/Watches 9
/beer 9
/ukpolitics 9
/answers 9
/RoomPorn 9
/BitMarket 9
/GameDeals 9
/3Dprinting 9
/thatHappened 9
/vertcoin 8
/techsupportmacgyver 8
/artificial 8
/entertainment 8
/NetflixBestOf 8
/shittykickstarters 8
/confession 8
/CrusaderKings 8
/iamverysmart 8
/gunpolitics 8
/howtonotgiveafuck 8
/arma 8
/shittyprogramming 8
/Paleo 8
/SelfDrivingCars 8
/wheredidthesodago 8
/climbing 8
/osx 8
/dogemining 8
/AskCulinary 8
/cableporn 8
/Conservative 8
/cyanogenmod 8
/BitcoinBeginners 8
/NSALeaks 8
/Astronomy 8
/economy 8
/linguistics 8
/softwaregore 8
/Ingress 8
/Buddhism 8
/gardening 8
/outside 8
/dadjokes 8
/i2p 8
/Unexpected 8
/AndroidQuestions 8
/trackers 8
/bodyweightfitness 8
/HackBloc 8
/IWantOut 8
/Whatcouldgowrong 8
/chromeos 8
/freebies 8
/asmr 8
/languagelearning 8
/NoStupidQuestions 8
/Homebrewing 8
/reddCoin 8
/DnD 7
/mathematics 7
/whowouldwin 7
/cripplingalcoholism 7
/tea 7
/russia 7
/badcode 7
/node 7
/watch_dogs 7
/forhire 7
/newzealand 7
/vegan 7
/chemistry 7
/creepyPMs 7
/DebateAnarchism 7
/swift 7
/nexus4 7
/seduction 7
/washingtondc 7
/roguelikes 7
/AmIFreeToGo 7
/AskScienceDiscussion 7
/anonymous 7
/EverythingScience 7
/hackers 7
/getdisciplined 7
/peercoin 7
/PS4 7
/exmormon 7
/islam 7
/Autos 7
/TalesFromRetail 7
/jobs 7
/PostCollapse 7
/StarWars 7
/gamernews 7
/compsec 7
/AMA 7
/zelda 7
/whatsthisplant 7
/websec 7
/Guildwars2 7
/SuggestALaptop 7
/zen 7
/LSD 7
/quityourbullshit 7
/spaceporn 7
/NeutralPolitics 7
/writing 7
/germany 7
/Automate 7
/netsecstudents 7
/shutupandtakemymoney 7
/financialindependence 7
/sysadminjobs 7
/Switzerland 7
/buildapcsales 7
/Enhancement 7
/DebateAnAtheist 7
/paradoxplaza 7
/securityCTF 7
/DebateReligion 7
/italy 7
/pettyrevenge 6
/WebGames 6
/Colorado 6
/battlefield_4 6
/rails 6
/nonononoyes 6
/eu4 6
/projecttox 6
/PenmanshipPorn 6
/ipad 6
/duckduckgo 6
/bjj 6
/FoodPorn 6
/freebsd 6
/scuba 6
/techsnap 6
/CanadaPolitics 6
/vancouver 6
/CredibleDefense 6
/Anarchy101 6
/DaystromInstitute 6
/edmproduction 6
/cablefail 6
/whatsthisbug 6
/wiiu 6
/UniversityofReddit 6
/newjersey 6
/RESissues 6
/Jobs4Bitcoins 6
/IndieGaming 6
/redditdev 6
/altnewz 6
/weather 6
/environment 6
/HailCorporate 6
/AndroidGaming 6
/OneY 6
/GPGpractice 6
/CombatFootage 6
/WorldofTanks 6
/humor 6
/tails 6
/kindle 6
/furry 6
/OutOfTheLoop 6
/backpacking 6
/microsoft 6
/Columbus 6
/EDC 6
/ServerPorn 6
/nsfw 6
/howto 6
/ottawa 6
/nononono 6
/pathofexile 6
/China 6
/daddit 6
/belgium 6
/PowerShell 6
/vmware 6
/computertechs 6
/California 6
/lectures 6
/maidsafe 6
/incremental_games 6
/JoeRogan 6
/ZeroCoin 6
/metalgearsolid 6
/applehelp 6
/gonewild 6
/statistics 6
/martialarts 6
/sydney 6
/Meditation 6
/CityPorn 6
/AskTechnology 6
/mycology 6
/SQL 6
/Shitty_Car_Mods 6
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Inside the Secretive World of Egypt's Bitcoin Miners I Built a Crypto Mining Farm in My Garage  How To Setup a ... Bitcoins Erklärung: In nur 12 Min. Bitcoin verstehen ... #743 Digitale Lira Ende 2020, europäische Digitalwährung & Kein Bitcoin Mining Verbot China Bitcoin/Ether/Miner - YouTube

The report on Bitcoin Mining Hardware Market offers in-depth analysis on market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities etc. Along with qualitative information, this report include the quantitative analysis of various segments in terms of market share, growth, opportunity analysis, market value, etc. for the forecast years. Find Bitcoin ATM locations easily with our Bitcoin ATM Map. For many Bitcoin machines online rates are available. Producers. Genesis Coin (4080) General Bytes (3362) BitAccess (1106) Coinsource (731) Lamassu (543) All producers ; Countries. United States (9178) Canada (920) United Kingdom (286) Austria (148) Spain (104) All countries; More. Find bitcoin ATM near me; Submit new ATM; Submit ... Map shows concentration of reachable Bitcoin nodes found in countries around the world. LIVE MAP × Global nodes distribution 10995 nodes as of 1603632185. 1. n/a (2857) 2. Germany (1862) 3. United States (1798) 4. France (556) 5. Netherlands (422) 6. Singapore (307) 7. Canada (302) 8. United Kingdom (283) 9. Russian Federation (233) 10. Japan (214) 11. China (188) 12. Switzerland (139) 13 ... For example, countries in Africa aren’t running Bitcoin nodes (maybe due to inadequate electricity supply and/or lack of hardware), but the three of the top five countries on Google Trends for Bitcoin are from the continent including Nigeria – the country marked in orange (low adoption) on the map. Bitcoin adoption also involves such ... Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH.

[index] [50812] [17564] [3012] [2746] [11842] [40032] [41829] [21871] [35381] [43941]

Inside the Secretive World of Egypt's Bitcoin Miners

How bitcoin mining is heating a ... 19:45. How to BitCoin mine using fast ASIC mining hardware - Duration: 27:15 . Barnacules Nerdgasm 1,684,841 views. 27:15. Inside a Russian cryptocurrency farm ... Bitcoin für Anfänger einfach erklärt! [auf Deutsch] Bitcoin-Börse (erhalte 10€ in BTC) https://finanzfluss.de/go/bitcoin-boerse *📱 Sicheres Bitcoin-Wallet... Teste Bitkern direkt aus - https://bit.ly/2VlLWlE Bitcoin vesteuern? So gehts! - https://amzn.to/2CTCBK1 Bitcoin Hardware Wallets 50% günstiger - https://... Bitcoin Tamil NewsEuropean Central BankIndian crypto exchangesWestern Union RippleTamilidea by Tamilidea. 7:49. Play next; Play now; Bitcoin Tamil NewsBitcoin Private ForkEthereum Classic ... Heute geht's um folgende Themen: Verbot für Bitcoin Mining vorgeschlagen, Facebook wollte ursprünglich BTC nutzen & Blockchain Smartphone geht an den Start. 1.) US-Kongress: Verbot für Bitcoin ...